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console-ncurses: slashdot redisplay bug

From: David Walter
Subject: console-ncurses: slashdot redisplay bug
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 21:08:34 -0400
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I think that I found the problem  with redisplay, but  I'm not sure of
what component owns this problem, here is what I have found so far.

A minor hack allows this page to display correctly.

At or around line 441 in console-ncurses.c
if( ucs4_to_altchar
        if (str->chr == 183)
          wch[0] = ' ';
          wch[0] = str->chr;

This allows the refreshing and scrolling to work correctly.

Apparently some of the  ascii graphics  characters are displayed  with
the  alternate character  graphics,  but  this one   must  not have  a

I've tried searching the terminfo and ncurses information, but I don't
find a specific capability that handles this. 

As I was looking for the terminfo capability that would describe this,
I noticed that the  ACS_* macros are mapping to   +-|= if I  display a
dialog window, yet since any terminal types I map have the same result
I assume that ncurses has  made the decision not  to display the ascii
graphic because of it's  understanding of the terminals  capabilities,
but  which I  don't know,   where to  find   to  change, the  terminal
characteristics as defined in hurd.ti AFAICT  are mapped correctly, as
in stty says cs8 -istrip and any  others that I can  tell need to work
for 8 bit characters.

.... off looking for some info about ncurses character interpretation

Okay, I've found the ncurses console test program tack, and it doesn't
display any of the graphics  characters under console-ncurses. In some
cases the (lack of) display of  a character shows what  I think is the
cause of the problem, it is just an alignment problem.

So the long and the short of this looks like  to me, that the terminal
capability for  the character mapping needs  to include the upper half
of 8 bit characters.

I assume that for the default the character set is in bios, so ncurses
just needs to use the default character set?

Or am I wacky like a clam? :)  

/ \

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