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Re: glibc CVS (2.3) results

From: Marcus Brinkmann
Subject: Re: glibc CVS (2.3) results
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2002 21:13:54 +0200
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On Mon, Sep 02, 2002 at 03:03:34PM -0400, Roland McGrath wrote:
> Everything dl-sysdep.c defines and anything else that ld.so gets from libc
> that should be libc's own versions instead, needs to be listed in
> sysdeps/mach/hurd/Versions to make sure it gets PLT entries.  I added
> __fxstat64.

But in my and Jeff's copy __fxstat64 is already there.  And now it is there
twice!  Below is Jeff's objdump --dynamic-syms, it misses out a whole bunch
of them.


/gnu/lib/ld.so:     file format elf32-i386

00000094 l    d  .hash  00000000              
000002e4 l    d  .dynsym        00000000              
000007d4 l    d  .dynstr        00000000              
00000b00 l    d  .gnu.version   00000000              
00000ba0 l    d  .gnu.version_d 00000000              
00000c20 l    d  .rel.dyn       00000000              
00000d50 l    d  .rel.plt       00000000              
00000de0 l    d  .plt   00000000              
00000f10 l    d  .text  00000000              
00012380 l    d  .rodata        00000000              
00015000 l    d  .data  00000000              
000152f0 l    d  _hurd_fork_prepare_hook        00000000              
000152f4 l    d  _hurd_fork_parent_hook 00000000              
000152f8 l    d  _hurd_fork_child_hook  00000000              
000152fc l    d  .dynamic       00000000              
000153ac l    d  .got   00000000              
000154a0 l    d  .bss   00000000              
00000000 l    d  .stab  00000000              
00000000 l    d  .stabstr       00000000              
00000000 l    d  .comment       00000000              
00000000 l    d  .debug_aranges 00000000              
00000000 l    d  .debug_pubnames        00000000              
00000000 l    d  .debug_info    00000000              
00000000 l    d  .debug_abbrev  00000000              
00000000 l    d  .debug_line    00000000              
00000000 l    d  .debug_frame   00000000              
00000000 l    d  .debug_str     00000000              
000155f8 g    DO .bss   00000004  GLIBC_2.2.6 __hurd_sigthread_variables
00015020 g    DO .data  000002b4  GLIBC_PRIVATE _rtld_global
00009c6a g    DF .text  00000032  GLIBC_PRIVATE _dl_debug_printf
0000a086 g    DF .text  00000430  GLIBC_PRIVATE _dl_check_map_versions
00000000 g    DO *ABS*  00000000  GLIBC_2.2.6 GLIBC_2.2.6
0000bf7e  w   DF .text  00000048  GLIBC_2.2.6 __getpid
0000640c g    DF .text  000002a8  GLIBC_PRIVATE _dl_lookup_versioned_symbol_skip
000155fc g    DO .bss   00000004  GLIBC_PRIVATE __libc_stack_end
0000bbdc  w   DF .text  0000021d  GLIBC_2.2.6 __mmap
0000bfc6  w   DF .text  00000026  GLIBC_2.2.6 __getcwd
000093a2 g    DF .text  00000133  GLIBC_PRIVATE _dl_init
0000c1b0  w   DF .text  000000e2  GLIBC_2.2.6 __libc_memalign
0000c292  w   DF .text  00000022  GLIBC_2.2.6 malloc
0000b7e6  w   DF .text  00000081  GLIBC_2.2.6 __open
00005e2a g    DF .text  00000209  GLIBC_PRIVATE _dl_lookup_symbol_skip
00006034 g    DF .text  000003d7  GLIBC_PRIVATE _dl_lookup_versioned_symbol
0000b8a0  w   DF .text  000000ba  GLIBC_2.2.6 __libc_read
0000c04a  w   DF .text  00000021  GLIBC_2.2.6 abort
000152d4 g    DO .data  00000004  GLIBC_PRIVATE __libc_enable_secure
0000bb46  w   DF .text  00000095  GLIBC_2.2.6 __libc_lseek64
00005bac g    DF .text  0000027d  GLIBC_PRIVATE _dl_lookup_symbol
0000c2b4  w   DF .text  0000003d  GLIBC_2.2.6 calloc
00015610 g    DO .bss   00000004  GLIBC_2.2.6 __hurd_threadvar_stack_mask
00009870 g    DF .text  00000005  GLIBC_PRIVATE _dl_debug_state
00015000 g    DO .data  00000004  GLIBC_PRIVATE _dl_argv
00003262 g    DF .text  00000115  GLIBC_PRIVATE _dl_dst_substitute
00015618 g    DO .bss   00000004  GLIBC_2.2.6 __hurd_sigthread_stack_base
00000000 g    DO *ABS*  00000000  GLIBC_PRIVATE GLIBC_PRIVATE
0000c318  w   DF .text  0000008b  GLIBC_2.2.6 realloc
0000b1dc g    DF .text  00000096  GLIBC_PRIVATE _dl_get_origin
0000c06c  w   DF .text  00000032  GLIBC_2.2.6 _hurd_intr_rpc_mach_msg
0000a584 g    DF .text  0000080f  GLIBC_PRIVATE _dl_start_profile
00007874 g    DF .text  00000440  GLIBC_PRIVATE _dl_relocate_object
000031da g    DF .text  00000087  GLIBC_PRIVATE _dl_dst_count
00015004 g    DO .data  00000004  GLIBC_PRIVATE _dl_starting_up
00005932 g    DF .text  00000005  GLIBC_PRIVATE _dl_unload_cache
00012740 g    DO .rodata        0000000e  GLIBC_PRIVATE _dl_out_of_memory
0000ad94 g    DF .text  00000249  GLIBC_2.2.6 _dl_mcount
0000c0fe  w   DF .text  00000005  GLIBC_PRIVATE _dl_init_first
00004e2c g    DF .text  000007a7  GLIBC_PRIVATE _dl_map_object
0000b868  w   DF .text  00000038  GLIBC_2.2.6 __close
000152ec g    DO .data  00000004  GLIBC_2.2.6 __hurd_threadvar_stack_offset
00008dcc g    DF .text  000001cf  GLIBC_PRIVATE _dl_signal_error
0000bfec  w   DF .text  0000005e  GLIBC_2.2.6 _exit
0000b95a  w   DF .text  000000bd  GLIBC_2.2.6 __libc_write
00015624 g    DO .bss   00000014  GLIBC_2.2.6 _r_debug
00015638 g    DO .bss   00000004  GLIBC_2.2.6 __hurd_sigthread_stack_end
0000902c g    DF .text  00000181  GLIBC_PRIVATE _dl_catch_error
00000000 g    DO *ABS*  00000000  GLIBC_2.3   GLIBC_2.3
0000c2f2  w   DF .text  00000026  GLIBC_2.2.6 free
00007e46 g    DF .text  00000cf6  GLIBC_PRIVATE _dl_map_object_deps

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