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Re: Automake and the Hurd

From: Jeff Bailey
Subject: Re: Automake and the Hurd
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 05:46:05 -0700
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On Mon, Sep 16, 2002 at 09:41:15AM +0200, Niels Möller wrote:

> > o I bumped all of the shared library versions to 1:0:0, becuase I
> > didn't want to take the time yet to try and wrestle libtool into
> > honouring our "0.3" version.

> I think I would have introduced one tool at a time, automake first,
> libtool later. (And I'm generally not too fond of libtool, I'd much
> prefer something simpler and in the Hurd case there's not much point
> in trying to support non-elf non-gcc systems). That's my two units
> of some random currency.

I chose to use libtool for two specific reasons:

1) libtool is the generally recommended way of building non-static
libraries with automake.

2) Using libtool gives us interlibrary dependancies with the .la

The fact that perhaps any posix might be supported and there's
slightly easier bootstrapping is just a nice add-on.

Jeff Bailey

learning from failures is nice in theory...
but in practice, it sucks :)
 - Wolfgang Jaehrling

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