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Re: OSKit mach w/St Pats

From: Michal 'hramrach' Suchanek
Subject: Re: OSKit mach w/St Pats
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 20:09:53 +0200
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This patch changes:
 - makes makefile require OSKIT_LIBDIR=$prefix/lib instead of $prefix/lib/oskit
 - removes the OSKIT_LIBDIR detection which does not work from configure
 - adds a check for $OSKIT_LIBDIR/oskitt/multiboot.o 
 - adds an error message saying you should set OSKIT_libdir manually

This should make the build easier for people who did not follow oskit-mach
development from the beginning and do not know this quirk. Hopefully it 
does not break anything.

Michal Suchanek

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