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storeinfo /dev/fd0

From: Glenn McGrath
Subject: storeinfo /dev/fd0
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2002 15:27:51 +1000

Im playing around trying to make some boot floppies using the gnumach
kernel from my recent install.

I have the grub stuff, /boot/gnumach.gz, /hurd/ext2fs.static.gz,
/lib/ld.so.1.gz and /hurd/exec on the boot disk, im using the menu.lst
from my main GNU/Hurd system except targeting fd0 instead of the hard disk
and adding "pause Insert root disk" after the modules to allow a root
floppy to be inserted. (well thats the plan)

Im not sure how correct what ive done above is, however the error i get is

... hypermetadata: disk size (737280 bytes) too small superblock says we
need 1474560
and it ends there.

storeinfo /dev/fd0 reports
device (enf; 0x200); fd0:512:1440;737280:0+1440

So it looks like gnumach (i assume the floppy driver is in gnumach) thinks
my floppy is the old 720kB format rather than its actual 1440kB.

Are 1440kB floppies supported, or have i done something wrong ?

I did see some instructions for make a boot disk in the mail archives,
however i suspect the info maybe outdated now.


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