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Re: oskit driver for i8042 keyboard controller

From: Roland McGrath
Subject: Re: oskit driver for i8042 keyboard controller
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 13:43:04 -0500 (EST)

> I thought the bus walk was to find a leaf in a hierarchy of devices, where
> the bus is a top node of the devices on the bus.  Ie, like "i8042:kbd" etc. 
> But that might be pure fiction, I never really groked the way devices are
> organized in oskit.

That is right, it's a tree where the non-leaf nodes are called busses.
Stick a call to oskit_dump_devices(); in after the probe in an oskit
kernel, and it will show you the whole tree.  Some of the example kernels
do this.  

In oskit-mach, we only probe on demand in device lookup, so you'd have to
insert an early oskit_bus_probe (osenv_rootbus_getbus ()); call to see
anything from oskit_dump_devices.

The probe happens in oskit_bus_walk_lookup (or bus_walk_from_compat_string),
the first time device_open is done on something other than "console",
"kmsg", "time", or "mem".  The silly "bus device" interface in oskit/ds_bus.c
lets you do the dump yourself from the Hurd, e.g. "storecat -Tdevice @"
to see the root bus.  That produces a silly syntax that is reasonably
understandable from looking at it, and should be trivially machine-parseable.
>From there you can see each of the busses (pci, ide or scsi controllers, etc)
and with "storecat -Tdevice @pci" or whatever you can follow each node and
walk the tree yourself.

Once you look at the tree, and read oskit/unsupported/bus_walk_lookup.c for
the big comment at the start about the bus-walk syntax, I think it will all
make sense.  

I added the ds_bus.c hack as a minimal kludge interface for the kernel to
report device information that could be used to write a user-level device
manager thingie as a translator for a virtual filesystem or whatever you
like.  For user-level drivers, such a program would be the central server
for managing hardware io resources and such.

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