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[PATCH] Re: bug while using rm ...

From: Olivier Péningault
Subject: [PATCH] Re: bug while using rm ...
Date: 24 Nov 2002 16:02:24 +0100

le sam 23-11-2002 à 23:12, Gaël Le Mignot a écrit :
> It's a known bug, when using "rm foo/" rm contacts the node foo and asks it
> to remove "./" which, of course, doesn't work. When you use "rm foo" rm 
> contacts . and asks it to remove "./foo" which can work. Well, at least it's
> what I understood.
> I'm not sure where the fix should be (in libc ? in the program rm ?)
As rm doesn't delete the '/', it is a rm bug.
The patch sent with this mail corrects this bug [for me].
In fact, there was in rm.c this function :
void strip_trailing_slashes ();

As it didn't do anything, the '/' was not deleted. I just implemented
this function.

But maybe some work could be done in etx2fs.
In "ext2fs/dir.c", the function "diskfs_lookup_hard" should understand a
search for "/" and return a good descriptor, so that
"diskfs_dirremove_hard" can happily remove it.


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