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Re: PATCH -> Re: Filesystem corruption bug in libdiskfs

From: M.P.Anand Babu
Subject: Re: PATCH -> Re: Filesystem corruption bug in libdiskfs
Date: 09 Dec 2002 10:32:05 -0800
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,---- "Alfred M. Szmidt" <ams@kemisten.nu> writes:
| You might also want to note that this was reported by Richard Smith.
Sure we should do that. And thanks for correcting me that bug was not
fixed in the CVS. 

Here is the updated ChangeLog. 

file: libdiskfs/ChangeLog
2002-12-09 M.P. Anand Babu <ab@gnu.org.in>

        * dir-renamed.c (diskfs_rename_dir): check if fromcred->user
        has enough permissions to unlink node fnp from its parent fdp
        before moving. Bug reported by Richard Smith <rgs26@hermes.cam.ac.uk>


Patch dir-rename-parentdir-perm-bug
diff -pruN hurd/libdiskfs/dir-renamed.c hurd-ab/libdiskfs/dir-renamed.c
--- hurd/libdiskfs/dir-renamed.c        2001-10-11 19:49:17.000000000 -0700
+++ hurd-ab/libdiskfs/dir-renamed.c     2002-12-08 23:54:17.000000000 -0800
@@ -91,6 +91,11 @@ diskfs_rename_dir (struct node *fdp, str
   if (fdp != tdp)
     mutex_lock (&tdp->lock);
+  /* Check if we are allowed to modify "ftp" with respect to "fnp" */
+  err = fshelp_checkdirmod (&fdp->dn_stat, &fnp->dn_stat, fromcred->user);
+  if (err)
+    goto out;
   /* 1: Lookup target; if it exists, make sure it's an empty directory. */
   ds = buf;
   err = diskfs_lookup (tdp, toname, RENAME, &tnp, ds, tocred);
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