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Re: gnumach2 & the serial port

From: Daniel Wagner
Subject: Re: gnumach2 & the serial port
Date: Sun, 09 Feb 2003 02:51:28 +0100
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> BTW looks this setup correct?  
>   hurd:~# showtrans /dev/ttyS1
>   /hurd/term /dev/ttyS1 device @isa@0x02f8

I'm quite sure that "@isa@0x02f8" is wrong.  The syntax for bus tree
walk is for me a bit cryptic (oskit/unsupported/bus_walk_lookup.c).
oskit_dump_devices() dumps following tree for sio devices:

  Current hardware tree:
    isa.isa                Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) Bus
      0x02f8.sio           PC serial port driver

So it should be "@>:isabus@=sio", right? 


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