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CBC Systems - Custom Built Computers - You wont believe the price!

From: CBC Systems
Subject: CBC Systems - Custom Built Computers - You wont believe the price!
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 09:25:42 -0000

Dear Sir or Madam,
When you think of successfull computer companies you think of big, greedy, money making corporations, correct? CBC Systems is different. We are a small group of computer enthusiasts that build computers to suit your needs. For example, if you play a lot of games we would include components to make your games faster. If you only type up the odd letter we will not include such components, and therefore you will save hundreds of pounds!
All our computers come with a 1 Year guarrantee (more for projectors, laptops, etc) and lifetime technical support.
We can also repair, upgrade, and 'do up' old computers for you! We are sell Laptops, Projectors, and Ink cartridges for your printers.
I understand that you may be weary about buying a computer from some random e-mail you received, which is why our Head Quarters telephone and fax number are included, and if you would like I can give you the contact details of some of our past computers - to prove we are genuine. :-)
You can contact us on 01454 778609, or you can fax us on the same number.
Alternatively, you can contact our engineers on 07732 446718, or simply reply to this e-mail.
We are having difficulties with our website host at the moment, which means you will only be able to visit our website on www.ogun2k.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk
I look forward to hearing from you, please dont hesitate to ask me any questions you may have!
Kind Regards,
Imanuel Votteler
CBC Systems
PS: If you do not want to hear from me any more, just to make it easeir - please put UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line of a reply to this e-mail. Thanks!

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