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This is your invitation to join the private goldmine organization

From: privategoldmine
Subject: This is your invitation to join the private goldmine organization
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 20:51:33 +0000

Please read...
If you are looking for a legitimate money making opportunity that will earn you recurring income for a very long time to come, you must visit the Private Gold-Mine website..."
You have received this email because you have shown interest in entrepreneurial systems in the past. Have you spent years looking for a money making opportunity that really works? One that can provide enormous amounts of income for relatively little work?
One that you can run from your home with or without a computer? One that you can run via the postal service or  or with a free website adress like the one listed above and below? Would you like to know more?
Look no further ...
Every day i receive "Get-Rich-Quik" schemes in my email inbox or on my front door mat. I´ve sent my money off and tried a few - no doubt you have too. Some of the better systems i´ve looked at are very believable, but do they really work? You´ve seen the headlines...
# "How to stop workingand make a million pounds instead..."
# "Earn 87.000 for two weeks work..."
# "I made 44,193 in four months without doing a stroke of work..."
# "how to work 69p into 2000 per week..."
Sound familiar?
My point exactly...but what if there was a system that could earn you tremendous income with minimal investment. What if one of these " Get-Rich-Quick" schemes really had potential? Let me introduce you to the Private Goldmine...
Frankly it´s The Best System i´ve come across yet. Why?
Because a total of £20/$30/E30 investment will provide you with the knowledge required to gain financial security for the rest of your life.
You can aproach your financial security only by reading my site.
You can also print it.
Thank you for taking time to read my site, i´m sure you will enjoy it
Pedro Campo Grande
PS. I´ll tell you a secret, you´ve got nothing to lose but plenty to gain.
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