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Re: gnumach2 & the serial port

From: Daniel Wagner
Subject: Re: gnumach2 & the serial port
Date: Fri, 07 Mar 2003 18:29:14 +0100
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> for a low-level interface.  My thinking is to come up with a reasonable
> oskit interface for serial ports with modem control (layered on top of the
> trivial streamdev, but different from ttydev).  

I finally managed to get the sio driver from freebsd working with the
gnumach kernel.  Was quite tricky to find the problems and the code is
more or less a hack.  To fix the last we defently need a such a
interface.  Here is my (first) attempt to such an interface.  Of
course some more glue code is needed for this interface.


 * Copyright (c) 1997-1998,2002 University of Utah and the Flux Group.
 * All rights reserved.
 * Definition of the oskit_serialdev interface representing
 * stream devices.

#include <oskit/dev/stream.h>

 * Standard serail device node interface, derived from oskit_streamdev_t,
 * IID 4aa7dfa6-7c74-11cf-b500-08000953adc2.
struct oskit_serialdev
        struct oskit_serialdev_ops *ops;
typedef struct oskit_serialdev oskit_serialdev_t;

struct oskit_serialdev_ops
        /* COM-specified IUnknown interface operations */

        /* Base fdev device interface operations */
        OSKIT_COMDECL   (*getinfo)(oskit_serialdev_t *fdev,
                                   oskit_devinfo_t *out_info);
        OSKIT_COMDECL   (*getdriver)(oskit_serialdev_t *fdev,
                                     oskit_driver_t **out_driver);

        /* Stream device interface operations */
        OSKIT_COMDECL   (*open)(oskit_serialdev_t *dev, oskit_u32_t flags,
                                struct oskit_stream **out_stream);

        /* Serial device interface operations */
        OSKIT_COMDECL   (*set_speed)(oskit_serialdev_t *dev, oskit_u32_t speed);
        OSKIT_COMDECL   (*get_speed)(oskit_serialdev_t *dev, oskit_u32_t 
        OSKIT_COMDECL   (*enable_rts)(oskit_serialdev_t *dev);
        OSKIT_COMDECL   (*disable_rts)(oskit_serialdev_t *dev);
        OSKIT_COMDECL   (*read_rts)(oskit_serialdev_t *dev, oskit_u32_t *rts);
        OSKIT_COMDECL   (*read_cts)(oskit_serialdev_t *dev);
        OSKIT_COMDECL   (*read_dsr)(oskit_serialdev_t *dev, oskit_u32_t *dsr);
        OSKIT_COMDECL   (*enable_dtr)(oskit_serialdev_t *dev);
        OSKIT_COMDECL   (*disable_dtr)(oskit_serialdev_t *dev);
        OSKIT_COMDECL   (*read_dtr)(oskit_serialdev_t *dev);

/* GUID for fdev block device interface */
extern const struct oskit_guid oskit_serialdev_iid;
#define OSKIT_SERIALDEV_IID OSKIT_GUID(0x4aa700d, 0x7c74, 0x11cf, \
                0xb5, 0x00, 0x08, 0x00, 0x09, 0x53, 0xad, 0xc2)

#define oskit_serialdev_query(dev, iid, out_ihandle) \
        ((dev)->ops->query((oskit_serialdev_t *)(dev), (iid), (out_ihandle)))
#define oskit_serialdev_addref(dev) \
        ((dev)->ops->addref((oskit_serialdev_t *)(dev)))
#define oskit_serialdev_release(dev) \
        ((dev)->ops->release((oskit_serialdev_t *)(dev)))
#define oskit_serialdev_getinfo(fdev, out_info) \
        ((fdev)->ops->getinfo((oskit_serialdev_t *)(fdev), (out_info)))
#define oskit_serialdev_getdriver(fdev, out_driver) \
        ((fdev)->ops->getdriver((oskit_serialdev_t *)(fdev), (out_driver)))
#define oskit_serialdev_open(dev, flags, out_stream) \
        ((dev)->ops->open((oskit_serialdev_t *)(dev), (flags), (out_stream)))
#define oskit_serialdev_get_speed(dev, speed) \
        ((dev)->ops->get_speed((oskit_serialdev_t *)(dev), (speed)))
#define oskit_serialdev_set_speed(dev, speed) \
        ((dev)->ops->set_speed((oskit_serialdev_t *)(dev), (speed)))
#define oskit_serialdev_enable_rts(dev) \
        ((dev)->ops->enable_rts((oskit_serialdev_t *)(dev)))
#define oskit_serialdev_disable_rts(dev) \
        ((dev)->ops->disable_rts((oskit_serialdev_t *)(dev)))
#define oskit_serialdev_read_rts(dev, rts) \
        ((dev)->ops->read_rts((oskit_serialdev_t *)(dev), (rts)))
#define oskit_serialdev_read_cts(dev, cts) \
        ((dev)->ops->read_cts((oskit_serialdev_t *)(dev), (cts)))
#define oskit_serialdev_read_dsr(dev, dsr) \
        ((dev)->ops->read_dsr((oskit_serialdev_t *)(dev), (dsr)))
#define oskit_serialdev_enable_dtr(dev) \
        ((dev)->ops->enable_dtr((oskit_serialdev_t *)(dev)))
#define oskit_serialdev_disable_dtr(dev) \
        ((dev)->ops->disable_dtr((oskit_serialdev_t *)(dev)))
#define oskit_serialdev_read_dtr(dev, dtr) \
        ((dev)->ops->read_dtr((oskit_serialdev_t *)(dev), (dtr)))

#endif /* _OSKIT_DEV_SERIALDEV_H_ */

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