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Re: Status of the ppc port

From: Peter Bruin
Subject: Re: Status of the ppc port
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 17:34:19 +0200

> when storeio and pfinet work (how do you use it without storeio?),
> it'd be interesting to bootstrap debian and start building debian
> packages of the utils. besides what you have, we basicaly need perl,
> sed, make, gawk and g++ for that.

Actually, storeio does work, but only when linked statically (I still
have to find out why).  As Moritz said, it's not strictly necessary,

> when you got these, could you put a base system tarball somewhere
> for download?

I'll do that.  Building Debian packages is a good idea as well, so I'm
also going to do that at some point (preferably soon...).

> and if you can offer access to a box running GNU on powerpc, that'd
> be realy nice, too (i don't have any powerpc here)

Hmm, that's probably going to be a problem, since my network card
isn't supported by Mach.  But if someone else is interested in


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