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XFree 4.3 problems

From: Gaël Le Mignot
Subject: XFree 4.3 problems
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003 23:04:44 +0200
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I just installed  XFree 4.3 from alpha.gnu.org on  my laptops and here
are a few problems:

- As in XFree 4.1, if X is not runned as root, setxkbmap doesn't work;
  (rpctrace  reports  a   "ressource  temporarily  unavailable"  on  a
  io_read_request just  after the  keymap is read,  I've to  rebuild X
  with debugging  symbols to do further tests).   
  Running setxkbmap as root doesn't change anything; and neither doing
  a  addauth  -0  -p $$  just  before  running  X.  I find  this  very
  weird.  I've tried to  do an  addauth directly  to the  xserver, but
  XFree86 doesn't appear in a ps aux :/

- Aterm crashes (exit  with code 0177) if I  don't disable two things:
  the cursor setting code, and  the NeXT scrollbar (I've to select the
  xterm  scrollbar from ./configure).  The first  crash is  inside the
  XCreateFontCursor xlib  function, and once again, I  cannot debug it
  until I've an xlib with debugging symbols.
  This worked with 4.1.

- Holding clicks  doesn't work. (Like clicking  on the title  bar of a
  window  and  the  moving  the  mouse cursor,  or  trying  to  select
  something  in the  Gimp).  I'm  using the  internal  touchpad of  my
  laptop,  which appears  as  a "normal"  2-buttons  ps/2 mouse  (with
  /hurd/mouse -p ps/2 for /dev/mouse, and protocol osmouse). 
  This worked with 4.1 too.

What else ? Now I can use the sis driver and not the vesa one, mplayer
is  nearly usable  :) But  only in  16-bits, video  output is  a _lot_
slower on  24-bits, I've no  idea why (not  just two times or  slow or
such, but something like 10 times slower).

Gael Le Mignot "Kilobug" - kilobug@nerim.net - http://kilobug.free.fr
GSM         : (in France)   ICQ UIN   : 7299959
Fingerprint : 1F2C 9804 7505 79DF 95E6 7323 B66B F67B 7103 C5DA

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