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Phone Jokes

From: The Joker
Subject: Phone Jokes
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:00:25 +0100


How to use this service:
1. Choose a Prank from the list below
2. Make sure you have the telephone number of your chosen target
3. Call 0906 403 8796
4. Listen in as the computer dials out to your victim!

The Pranks:

1. Mr Fury
2. Irate Delivery Driver
3. Invite to no. 10
4. Tax Inspector from Hell
5. Mr Stammer
6. The Detective
7. My Daughter`s Pregnant

Calls  to 0906 no`s cost one pound and fifty pence per minute and last a few  
minutes. Service provider: C Fry: Tel:  0871 872 3731. To be excluded from 
future promotions please call 0871 872 3731.

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