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Xfree86 and console server (and VT_ACTIVATE, etc)

From: Robert Millan
Subject: Xfree86 and console server (and VT_ACTIVATE, etc)
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 01:36:51 +0000
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We just spoke in IRC about a possible solution of the Xfree86 problem with
the console server. I propose something like this:

<jbailey> I don't know the right way to fix the problem.  nyu might know, 
though, since he knows a bit of the X code.
<jbailey> Basically, X needs to signal the console to get out of the way.
<nyu> jbailey, azeem: yeah, i played with _that_ particular code some time ago
<nyu> the VT_ACTIVATE thing
<nyu> any questions? :)
<azeem> oh, heard about that one
<jbailey> nyu: Yes.  Will you make it work? =)
<nyu> jbailey: what's the problem :)
<nyu> i haven't tried with oskit-mach
<jbailey> As I understand it, starting X while the console is running results 
in suckage.
<jbailey> It needs to not do that. =)
<nyu> uhm..
<nyu> no, VT_ACTIVATE is for telling X to switch into a text terminal.
<nyu> i don't [know] where should X tell the console server it should freeze 
<nyu> i suggest to make the console listen in /dev/something, and when X opens 
/dev/something, console stops using the keyboard or screen. when /dev/something 
is closed, it comes back
<nyu> or maybe in /var
<nyu> the same simple interface could be used for VT_ACTIVATE

Robert Millan

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