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Re: Hurd task/todo list

From: Marco Gerards
Subject: Re: Hurd task/todo list
Date: 19 Jul 2003 19:44:15 +0200
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Marco Gerards <metgerards@student.han.nl> writes:

> Some of the tasks and todo items should be removed or at least changed
> because they have been done. Can someone please correct me if I'm
> wrong and otherwise fix it (or tell me to send in a patch to fix it)?
> I hope this mail makes sense (it is a little chaotic), please have a
> look at the task and todo list while reading the rest of my mail.


>> For ext2fs:
> *** If the target of a symlink is the empty string, stat seems to spin 
> forever !!!
> IIRC Moritz reported this (correct me if I'm wrong). And I think this
> has been fixed, does someone know more about this?

It was fixed on 2001-12-08 by Roland (see the libdiskfs changelog). I
also tried to reproduce the problem (to be sure) and it is fixed.


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