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Re: [PATCH (long)] hello.c follow-up

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: [PATCH (long)] hello.c follow-up
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2003 18:37:26 +0200

      2003-07-18  Julien PUYDT <julien.puydt@laposte.net>

      * hello.c
              Cut some comments, obsoleted by the addition of functions
              (trivfs_modify_stat): struct stat -> io_statbuf_t
              (trivfs_S_io_seek): off_t -> loff_t, and check for offset sanity
              (trivfs_S_io_get_openmodes):Added, to comply with asserts in
              (trivfs_S_io_clear_some_openmodes): Likewise
              (trivfs_S_io_set_some_openmodes): Likewise
              (trivfs_S_io_set_all_openmodes): Likewise
              (trivfs_S_io_readable): Likewise
              (trivfs_S_io_select): Likewise

   As usual, _constructive_ advices and comments are welcome,

It was constructive advice; since you actualy did read the GCS, and
fixed it accordingly.  But it is still a bit wrong, here is a short

* Removal of comments does not need to be documented

* Formating is wrong, space between colon and the actual entry.  And
  the actual formating looks something like this (def. | means column
  0 in the actual ChangeLog file, 2nd def. <TAB> means literal
  tabulator char.):

  |2003-07-20  Foo Bar  <foo@bar.org>
  |<TAB>* file.c (foo): Bar.
  |<TAB>(baz): Frobnicated.

* "New function." is enough to document the addition of a function.
  No need to describe why it was added in the ChangeLog (describe it
  in the body of your email instead)

* Sentences are ended with a period.

* You forgot to mention the addition of a new variable in

* The off_t -> loff_t change is seperate from checking for offset
  sanity, thus it should be in a seperate entry.  Infact, this should
  be three patches, one that fixes the types, one that adds the new
  functions and one that checks for the offset.  Since they are
  unreleated to each other.

Seriously, go and take a good look at the ChangeLog files, they are
good examples on how to format and write them.  The GCS is also good
for reference.  As for the patch, I haven't looked at it in any remote
detail at all yet.

Cheers from the great nitpicker.

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