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Re: A translator for the MINIX file system

From: Marco Gerards
Subject: Re: A translator for the MINIX file system
Date: 20 Jul 2003 21:27:40 +0200
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rreale@iol.it writes:

> Hi,
>   I am studying the Hurd and, as an exercise, have modified the ext2fs
> translator and adapted it to the MINIX file system.  This project is
> far from being finished, and, as yet, very little of the new
> translator does work.

ARG, I've written (but not finished) a similar translator. Still, it
is cool to see someone is working on this :).

Perhaps the todo list on savannah should be updated so it is known to
everyone what is been worked on without spitting through the
mailinglist archives... (I will propose some updates on savannah for
the stuff I'm working on soon).

>   Large portions of code are pretty confused and shall be rewritten,
> on account of some deep differences between the two file systems: for
> instance, the directory entries are of a fixed size in MINIX, hence
> the directory handling routines can be simplified and rewritten in a
> more ``natural'' way.

True. You can have a look at fatfs (and the patches I sent in for
fatfs) for example.

>   Of course, I will continue working at the translator, and will start
> in time a porting of the two utilities `mkfs.minix' and `fsck.minix'
> from `util-linux'.


>   Although pretty useless now, the current version of the translator
> is to be found at
>   http://paideia.sourceforge.net/hurd-minixfs-0.01.tar.gz

You don't have permission to access /hurd-minixfs-0.01.tar.gz on this server.


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