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Re: [PATCH][ALPHA 3] ext2fs and large stores (> 1.5G)

From: Ognyan Kulev
Subject: Re: [PATCH][ALPHA 3] ext2fs and large stores (> 1.5G)
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 16:36:11 +0300
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Robert Millan wrote:
On Mon, Jul 21, 2003 at 02:51:37PM +0300, Ognyan Kulev wrote:
I put a great effort (and time) to assure that there will be no problems with Alpha 3. Unfortunately, I still can't claim that. Data corruption seems to be gone, but there are some strange hangs after an hour of compiling glibc (on P4 1.6G) that I cannot look closely. For example, the compilation is working in screen program window, but keyboard doesn't respond, even Alt-F2 doesn't work (console server is running). I connect to telnetd, do "ps ax", and after some printed lines, the machine reboots... If you don't push the ext2fs server too much, there is a chance you won't have problems.

Are you running your patched server as the root filesystem?

No, although before some days I run compilation under ext2fs.static as root filesystem and it wasn't noticably different than just being another active translator.

Why not fix the 2G limit instead? This adds more work in maintaining
e2fsprogs code and is a hack that distracts from the real problem
that needs fixing.

This requires changing libpager to use 64-bit (like off_t) offsets, as pagers are used for all io.defs operations. For example, Neal's work can be used[1][2]. In any case, all servers that use libpager will require changing. With Neal's patch, there is more work, but probably it's worth.

[1] http://mail.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-hurd/2002-04/msg00110.html
[2] http://mail.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-hurd/2002-04/msg00203.html

Probably there are some advantages in using libstore instead of Unix API.

In conclusion, this problem is low priority in my task list for now, so I won't move it forward soon.

Anyway, most people create their partitions for GNU from a GNU/Linux
system so e2fsprogs shouldn't have much problem.

I faced this problem when using ext2fs.static as root filesystem. Each boot calls e2fsck and I needed it fixed because usually the reboot was just after crash :-)

Ognyan Kulev <ogi@{fmi.uni-sofia.bg,fsa-bg.org}>
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