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[patch #1599] [Patch #1599] store_typed_open on file name doesn't call s

From: noreply
Subject: [patch #1599] [Patch #1599] store_typed_open on file name doesn't call store_open
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 17:17:39 -0400
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Patch #1599 has been updated. 

Category: libstore
Status: Closed
Summary: store_typed_open on file name doesn't call store_open


Date: Thu 07/31/2003 at 23:17
By: marcus

This patch is definitely wrong.  The code should do the following:

FOO:BAR - Open the class FOO with parameter BAR
FOO: - Open the class FOO with no parameter
:BAR - Open the file BAR (with store_open)
BAZ - Try to find a class BAZ, and open that with no parameter, but if class is 
not found, open file BAZ with store_open.

Look at the code:

  const char *clname_end = strchrnul (name, ':');
  if (clname_end == name)
    /* Open NAME with store_open.  */
    return store_open (name + 1, flags, classes, store);

This covers the ":BAR" case.  You make the code look in that case for a class 
"".  Then come all the other cases, which (potentially) start with a class 
name.  So we search for classes, either in the statically linked list, or by 
dynamically loading a library with that class.

Only if that fails, and there is no ':', then we know we have a BAZ case where 
BAZ is not a class, but a file.  Then open the file.

I think the only bug here is that the dynamic loading mechanism segfaults, 
which you probably have fixed with your linker change.  So I am closing this.  
If I overlooked something, we can reopen it.


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