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help needed implementing a new store class

From: Trek
Subject: help needed implementing a new store class
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2003 02:59:42 +0200 (MET DST)


i've started to implement an encrypted store backend for the GNU Hurd
Store Library, but i have some problems and i don't understand if i've
read all the documentation to know what i'm doing :-)

I'm using Debian GNU Hurd J2 and the lastest Hurd cvs source to compile.
My first problem is that i can't use my store class with storeio:

 $ cp crypt.c hurd/libstore ; cd hurd/libstore

added -lcrypto in Makefile for OpenSSL

 $ make libstore_crypt.so.0.3
 $ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=.
 $ /hurd/storeio -T crypt
 Must be started as a translator

OK it has found my crypt store module but i must set a translator:

 $ settrans -ac ~/test /hurd/storeio -T crypt ~/test.enc
 crypt: Invalid argument to --store-type

ARGH! why this? Should i run it in another way? Is it my class that can't
initialize itself correctly? Should i implement more callbacks? (like

The translator source code is the crypt.c file in
There is also a test program to run it under GNU Linux.

many thanks for the Hurd! :-)

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k               PGPKey: 7016731A57D4A69B 1A8EE5E90EF2608E (since 1995)

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