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Urgent Assistance Needed Please.

From: evans44ng
Subject: Urgent Assistance Needed Please.
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 18:19:28 +0200

I am writing you as i need your assistance for a very urgent and mutually
beneficial dealing.My name is Evans Aroguma and i am a steward for a Jamaican
Merchant who lives both in London and lagos,Nigeria.Since he travelled to
London in September this year,i have been left alone in the house and i
have access to his bedroom.I noticed a trunk box containing about 450 bundles
of US$100 bills and 100 bundles of US$50 bills.This is in total US$5 million.I
also noticed that each bill has some security stamps on them.In the past,i
noticed that before he makes some purchases of goods that he exports,there
is a chemical which he uses to clean the security stamps before spending
the money.Your assistance will be needed in the sense that you will assist
me in the purcvhase of this chemical or to receive a good quantity of these
bundles via courier service.We can negotiate your gains for assisting me.
If you are interested in assisting me,you can send a reply to this email
address.I will then put you into the full picture.I will need you to send
me your telephone number so that i can call you.I also require that you
act fast as my master will soon be returning from London.

Evans Aroguma.

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