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Re: fatfs write support

From: Thomas Bushnell, BSG
Subject: Re: fatfs write support
Date: 07 Apr 2004 14:51:09 -0700
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Marco Gerards <metgerards@student.han.nl> writes:

> The only issue that could be a problem is that libdiskfs can access
> the directory as file (readonly).  Perhaps it is possible to modify
> libdiskfs in a way so it does not allow io_read and io_map for
> directories when a node is a directory (and make it return EISDIR?).
> I will need to think better about this, I'd like to hear opinions of
> other people about this.

The solution to this problem is easy: just add an option to diskfs to
allow the inode lock to be a reader/writer lock instead of a regular
mutex, and tell diskfs to do whichever is appropriate.  This might
have some performance problems, but I'm not sure they would be all
that significant.

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