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Re: Hurd Sourcecode Cross Reference online again

From: Marco Gerards
Subject: Re: Hurd Sourcecode Cross Reference online again
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 18:10:22 +0200
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Patrick Strasser <past@sbox.tugraz.at> writes:

> The HSCR is oline again after some trouble with the server. Search is
> not available, but is worked on.

Oh, great!

> http://www.htu.tugraz.at/~past/hurd/global/
> Seems like an update would be a good idea. I'm thinking about the
> modules that should be incuded.
> Currently we have
> mig
> hurd
> gnumach
> libc
> Each is HEAD from CVS. Last update was 2004-01-22.
> Which Gnumach is now HEAD? traditional or OSKit?
> Would OSKit be helpful? Which version, where to get one?
> Moreover: What about Hurd/L4? Should it be included?

oskit is head, but having the gnumach-1-branch as well seems useful,
if this is possible.

Having hurd-l4 and fabrica (both modules in CVS) would be nice.
Lately a lot is happening there.


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