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Sweetheart wants a Rolex ?

From: Anita Bravo
Subject: Sweetheart wants a Rolex ?
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 17:49:22 -0100

Jorge Amado, a well known brazilian writer, says in one of his books that "a happy life inspires no romance..." I think that's quite true, and
since my life has been a happy one, don't expect big events or emotions here, there are just little bits of every day. I was born in the city of Belo Horizonte, State Minas Gerais , Brazil on 28 / jun / 1990 and
in all these years I was a day ill. I control my humans pretty well and all that is somehow possible conforms to my wishes. To tell you how I arrived here at 2 and a half month age, I'll make a big exception and let my human, Ro Consoli (the one who helps me with my
page) speak:Hi, everybody ! Thought my husband Roberto and me had owned cats before, we hesitated to get a new one mainly because of the problem that travels represented, since there
are no catteries deserving this name here. Then it happened that some friends went aboard and left their siamese cat with us, and lo! ... no problems at all !! In the newspaper there were
two adds offering siamese kitties. We saw the first litter - well kept, healthy kitties with their tame, unruffled parents by their side (too unruffled perhaps..? ). All was as we had
wished but... well, let's just take a look at the other ones ! We arrived at the far away address, at a much smaller house, rang the bell and after telling the woman that we were the
people that phoned about the kitty she asked us to take a seat "just for a moment" and disappeared inside the house.

I took the little one in my hands and at once it looked up at me... such a sharp, appraising glance !... and while the mother was explaining to Roberto that she loved
her cats and kept them well and that is was not her fault that this one was so tiny and meagre, the boy went on, confidentially, to me: We, and a somewhat tired looking mother went
back and the boy brought the siamese mother, looking exactly as Méia looks today. She perceived at once what was happening, shot a sharp glance at me and Roberto, at her kitty in
my hands, and than she and the kitty looked up at me !Well, that settled it ! The kitty became Méia, after Meméia, a little mischievous witch cartoon character that appears in "Luluzinha" ("Little Lulu" in USA, I think) and honored her name thoroughly.
But here is she, waging her tail for some time and now even putting her ears back... let's give her the word quickly!
At last ! I saw a longer "short story"! and what is it all about ? humans, all the time ! Next time, no fear, I'll write my story myself !!

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