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Re: Could you please give me a chance?

From: Sascha Retzki
Subject: Re: Could you please give me a chance?
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 16:05:20 +0200

Am Fr, 2004-04-23 um 03.36 schrieb 张兴亮:
>  Hello,Hurd.I am very interested in joining your community to learn more about
> linux kernel. But I do think I am a freshman to Linux except that I have a
> eagering heart to learn Linux.
>   Could you dispatch me a task current proceeding which is more suitable for a
> beginner like me? Thank you!!!
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Well, the Hurd is *not* Linux. I don't see why you should learn
everything about GNU Mach ( the microkernel ) and about the Hurd just to
recognize this. If you want to learn sth about Linux, I suggest you to
use Linux, not the Hurd. These systems are *really* different. They have
other ways to solv common operating system tasks and so on. 
A short list of what you did "wrong":

1.) GNU/Hurd uses a microkernel, Linux is a monolithic kernel. (
Microkernel swap kernel-unrelated tasks into userspace, while monolithic
kernels for example have firewalls in a kernel .
2.) Linux runs on several hardware types, GNU Mach just on i386. This
leads to the entire design of a microkernel that runs on just one
plattform versus a huge kernel runs on several plattforms. 
3.) You use a bug-maillinglist for a help-request :)

This all does not mean that you are not welcome. But if you want to
learn about Linux, you should use linux, browse
/usr/src/linux/Documentation, get familar how unix kernels look like in
general, how specific plattforms are implemented and so on. ( search
http://www.kernel.org for docs, for example. ) If you want to learn
about the Hurd you should use this system, of course. 

Mfg, Sascha Retzki

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