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Kaffe/GCC on GNU Hurd

From: Gaurav Ganeriwal
Subject: Kaffe/GCC on GNU Hurd
Date: 27 Apr 2004 11:14:18 -0000


I am trying to install C + JAVA support on GNU HURD. For this i am looking to 
install kaffe and GCC Complier. 

1. For GCC Complier
   I used apt-get -f install gcc, this command did installed GCC on my system 
but unable to locate header files. I searched on my system there were no header 
files corrosponding to C support. How can i remove this error? How can i make 
Header Files visible to GCC.

2. For Kaffe
   Again i used apt-get -f install kaffe, this command terminates with an error 
message stating kaffe is in package list but not able to install as no possible 
candidate to provide installable binary. Form where to get? how to install?
    Should i use some other JVM?

Thanks & Regards,
Gaurav Ganeriwal 

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