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Re: X and other visions

From: Harley D. Eades III
Subject: Re: X and other visions
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2004 04:45:18 -0500
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"Alfred M. Szmidt" <ams@kemisten.nu> writes:

>    GNU/Hurd is quite an unfinished system,
> The only finished systems are the ones that are dead.
>    I know about Xnest and I think it's a good idea, but it does not
>    fix general design lacks in XFree86.
> Fixing XFree86 is kinda out of the scope of GNU/Hurd...
>    If something like an error, that was not caused by user
>    interaction, happens on a display you are not working at, you can
>    be notified about it.
> Anything wrong with how it does it now?
>    Either provides your UI a notification callback that opens e.g. a
>    notification window, or is the display simply switched by the
>    underlying tty driver.
> This is usally called a log-monitor.
>    Things like these are typical tasks for a console user:
>    - turn off the computer (on desktop machines)
> Also a typical task for a remote user; atleast w.r.t. to rebooting
> which is essentially the same with some minor details.
>    - access the sound card and the mixer
> Ditto.  I infact use the mixer and play songs remotely each and
> everyday.
>    - start X sessions on the local machine
> X doesn't really differentiate between local and remove machines from
> what I know.  So a remote X session is essentially the same as a local
> one.
>    The current console user(s) should have almost root rights
>    (regarding hardware access, so not installing software),
> Why give the user root access at all? Just make a new group and user,
> call them mixer for the mixer example.  And then make the owner of
> /dev/mixer mixer, and the group mixer.  Then just plunk in all users
> that want to change the volume into the group mixer.
> Or just allow everyone to read/write to /dev/mixer, which is obviously
> the right thing todo.
>    on the other hand the network users should have less rights (it
>    usually doesn't make sense when a remote user is permitted to turn
>    the volume up and to play an annoying sound ...).
> Why not? I think it makes perfect sense.  Say I have a "audio system",
> that plays songs.  I connect to it remotely; shouldn't I be able to
> change the volume there?  Should I be _forced_ to go to the console to
> change the volume?
I think being able to change the volume remote would be a nice feature.

> Saying what a user should be allowed to or not based on from where he
> or she is login in from is anti-social.

> Cheerio.
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Harley D. Eades III

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