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Heres my phone number

From: Raphael almagest
Subject: Heres my phone number
Date: Fri, 02 Jul 2004 01:39:59 +0100

Hey, whats up? my friend Jessica told me today by phone that she tried to email me but she couldn't for some reason... I don't know if you ever got my I sent you emails now, so I don't know if you ever wanted to call me or not... I updated my profile today with few pics so you know what I look like here:


Hey, I also got a webcam, I got my roomate Rachael to setup the webcam somehow, she told me all I need now to chat with someone is for them to come and view my profile listed above. It also has all my pics I took earlier ;)...
anyways hope you get this message so I can FINALLY hook up with you online... ;)
bye, Jennifer

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