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Dear Friend

From: koffi ansah
Subject: Dear Friend
Date: Sat, 03 Jul 2004 14:29:28 +0200

Dear Friend,

My name is Mr Koffi Ansah,I work in executive capacity
with TRUST SECURITY COMPANY (ltd) Accra Ghana.

I joined the services of this company in 1991.
I got the information concerning you and your company
from our Chamber of Commerce here and after due
consultation, I decided to contact you believing that
by the grace of God that you will be my
partner in this business.

I have worked with this company for over 12 years,
within this period of time I watched with meticulous
precision onhow African Head of State and government
 functionarieshave been moving huge sums of money
(Dollars, PoundSterling, French Franc, Cash)with the
aid of their foreign partners abroad.

They bring in these consignment of money cash and
secretly declare the content as jewelries, Gold,
Precious Stones, Family Treasure, Documents,etc.
Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire, Fodey Sankoy of Sierra
Leone, Felix Houphet Buigny of Ivory Coast, Konnan
Bede of Ivory Coast, etc.

These people have at one time or the other
deposited consignments with us and their foreign
partners, relatives and Next of Kin are Claiming most
of these consignment and a lot more are laying here
unclaimed for as much as 7 years, as no available
information to anybody except the depositors, and most
of them are dead. Since the inception of the year
2003, TRUST SECURITY COMPANY LTD Management changed
the procedure of claiming of consignments.

As soon as you are able to produce all the secret
information as contained in the secret file of the
company as regard the consignment, it will be released
to you upon demand. From our records, more than 10
consignments belonging to these people has been
claimed in the past six months and this is why I am
seeking for your co-operation and assistance.

Mr. Martin Greenberg was an American,he worked with
one of the top ministers of President Robert Mugabe
who was in charge of the campaigning for re-electing
Mr. Mugabe into office in their last election. He
deposited this consignment containing 35.5 million
United State Dollars ($35.5m USD)early in 1999, this
money according to him was to be used for further
political programmes.

He died in the plane crash of 31 October 1999 with the
Wife[on the Egyptian 990] with reports on
CNN as you can verify via the CNN website as stated
died alongside with other passengers aboard without
leaving any relations as his wife died as well in the
same plane crash.

Since his death, no one knows about this transaction
with TRUST SECURITY COMPANY ltd except me who acted
as company attorney when he deposited the consignment.

I have finished every arrangement for you to come and
claim the consignment as the next of Kin Mr. Martin

The procedure is very simple: - Apply officially to
the Director of operation Trust security company Ltd
Accra - Ghana, for the release of consignment

They will demand for some documents and the security
code of the consignment, you will call on me to supply
you with every detailed Information as regard the

As soon as they have confirmed it to be correct, the
company will invite you for the collection.
Nobody will ever know that I am involved in the deal
, I suggest upon conclusion, we share it on the Ratio
of 50%-40%and 10% will go for humanitarian service ie
motherless babies home, more also you will make an
arrangement on investments that I will invest my money
in your country.

I assure you that this business is very secure and
risk free.

Please, if you are interested on this proposal,
kindly let me know.

Please reply to this email address:koffi_ansah2000@yahoo.fr


Mr Koffi Ansah

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