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Eepro100 detection fail?

From: arief#
Subject: Eepro100 detection fail?
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 14:31:07 +0700

Dear all,

I'm gnubies here.
Succeeded installing debian gnu/hurd on my thinkpad t30. But strangely,
mach don't recognize my eepro100 card (and I'm sure this is the driver I
use in Linux 2.4/2.6). 

I've tried recompiling mach, 
1. gnumach-1.3, failed on some assembly statements, and since I don't
know much about assembly, I stop there.

2. Download gnumach source from debian ftp (package name:
gnumach_20040229.orig.tar.gz). Compilation work this time (I've
installed gcc-i38b-gnu and mig and stuffs before)  with this configure
command: ./configure --enable-lpr --enable-floppy --enable-ide
--enable-eexpresspro100 --host=i386-gnu --build=i386-linux. But a reboot
to GNU still didn't give me eepro100.

What happened?

Below I attached my lspci -v output.

Best Regards,

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