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Re: Ognyan's libpager changes

From: Ognyan Kulev
Subject: Re: Ognyan's libpager changes
Date: Mon, 02 Aug 2004 19:29:36 +0300
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Neal H. Walfield wrote:
As a start to getting back into Hurd hacking mode, I have begun to
review your ext2fs patch for large file system support.  At this
point, I have only reviewed the libpager changes in any detail.  I
want to work with you to develop a well thought out interface and
implementation that not only does the job but is elegant and
represents something with which I feel comfortable in advocating
acceptance into the mainline.

Great! Please use version 20040421 from http://debian.fmi.uni-sofia.bg/~ogi/hurd/ext3fs/ . It's not uploaded in Savannah and contains some major changes in the core function that remaps pages.

As such, I advise that we remove this extra flexibility and
have pager_notify_pageout (which I prefer to call pager_notify_evict
as data can be paged out without being evicted in the case of flushing
dirty pages) called on a _per pager_ basis and indicate whether or not
it should be called in the struct pager and set by pager_create.  If
it is useful, we may also have a pair of get and set methods to toggle
it, however, the implementation of turning this feature on after a
pager has been executing for some time seems problematic: all pages
need to be marked as precious; I can't think of an easy way to do this
off hand.

Yes, in ext2fs, we need either all or none pages to be marked as precious. I can't predict if there will be future pager users that will want more fine-grained marking, so I've just taken this by-page approach. In conclusion, I think it's OK this option to be pager-wide.

Second,  Ognyan suggests that there is a race.

I wouldn't find it if I didn't experience it :-) BTW In complete hurd build, this optimization turns 1-3 times, usually 1 time.

My sense is that this problem can be easily avoided by not sending a
pager_notify_pageout in data-return.c if PM_PAGEINWAIT is set thereby
eliminating all of the hubbub with PM_FORCEREAD and the inefficiencies
which is introduces.  Or perhaps, I am missing some subtility.

This sounds reasonable.  I need to think a bit more about it though.

Finally, when a pager_notify_evict is called on a page, the page is
potentially changed.  Hence any state associated with the page must
also be changed.  That is, its pagemap entry needs to be cleared
otherwise, a page which is marked PM_EIO is shows for the wrong page.

Right, I didn't catch this. The error will be lost, but libpager can do nothing about it.

So what name should our pager-wide flag has? Following the current patch and the pager_notify_pageout -> pager_notify_evict rename, I will use notify_on_evict if noone has better proposal.

I'm close to releasing ext3fs 0.1, and after that I'll make these changes and future ones that will eventually come up.


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