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Hello: Good Day:

From: Mrs.Benita Sewa
Subject: Hello: Good Day:
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 13:07:23 +0100 (BST)

Madam Benita Sewa 
Camp Ground
Ave. Abdoulaye Fadiga Thann.
BP 8552 Dakar Yoff Senegal.
Tel: 221-548-51-78

I am Mrs. Benita Sewa aged 59 years from the Republic of Sierra Leone now seeking asylum with my children here in Dakar Senegal under the (U.N.H.C.R. ) camp ground, Avenue Abdoulaye Fadiga Thann Senegal. Actually I do not know you before but I got your contact as a trustworthy person  for this proposal. 
My late husband Capt. Bamanga Tuku Sewa  was one of the senior officials of revolutionary united front of Sierra Leone  ( RUF) who died on 18/12/2000 with some of his colleagues during a cross fire battle between the RUF and the peace keeping forces in Sierra Leone which include ECOMOG, British Army and U.N troops.
In brief we have the sum of US$5,000,000 ( Five million US dollars) which we want to invest in your country through your guidance. This money was deposited by my late husband in a security firm here in Dakar Senegal which my son Patrick 24 years old of age was made the beneficiary and the next of kin as the only son of the family. Because of the present situation in my country Sierra Leone, me, my son Patrick and my other five daughters left our country recently for safety as the present government of Ahmed Tejan Kabah is probing all families relating to the revolutionary united fronts which my husband was a key member.
We are in desperate need of your assistance both in evacuation and dislodgment of this money to your country and  advice on a profitable business venture to invest this money as we believe that your country is more politically and economically stable for any investment through your professional advice.
We have proposed 30% of the total sum for all necessary assistance and protection we may need in your country. Please treat this matter as highly personal because all our future now depends on this money and we can not afford to make any mistake whatsoever. 
Please try and reply us urgently on receipt of this letter in other to arrange on the best possible way to transfer this money out of Dakar Senegal for safety.
Feel free to call us privately on this number 221-548-51-78 or email benita_w2002@yahoo.co.uk  for further clarification.

Mrs. Benita Sewa.

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