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RE: Help with libparted.

From: Harley D. Eades III
Subject: RE: Help with libparted.
Date: 14 Aug 2004 12:34:17 -0500
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        It seems we do detect ENOENT when we can't open a shared lib because 
of it not being there.  But, we do still have a problem and it is here
  mod = dlopen (modname, RTLD_LAZY);
  if (mod == NULL)
      const char *errstring = dlerror (); /* Must always call or it leaks! */
      if (errno != ENOENT)
        /* XXX not good, but how else to report the error? */
        error (0, 0, "cannot load %s: %s", modname, errstring);
If the shared lib does not exists shouldn't we return ENOENT and not output 
it using error (..);?


P.S. Sorry about that.

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