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Please I humbly solicit your assistance

From: address@hidden
Subject: Please I humbly solicit your assistance
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 15:06:02 +0200

Dearest One.
In brief introduction, I am  Mrs sarah williams Toure the wife of late chief 
Michael williams Toure, was the Director General Gold Mining Corporation of 
sierra leone(S.L.M.C)Freetown.
 The source of your contact gave me courage to write to you, I am writing you 
toseek your assistance to transfer our cash of
(USD 8.2 MILLION) now in the safe custody of a security company in Abidjan cote 
d’ Ivoire to your private account pending. 
According to my late husband the money was miscellaneous income from mining 
activities overdraft and minor sales, before the civil war between the rebel 
forces that almost destroyed my country, following the forceful removal of the 
elected president AHMED TEJAN KABBAH by the rebels, 
My late husband had already made arrangements for me and
my son PRINCE GEORGE to be evacuated to Abidjan cote d’ Ivoire with our 
personal effects, also directed us here he deposited the truck boxes containing 
the money in the custody of security trust company here in Abidjan for safe 
 Also did not disclosed the real content of the boxes to the security company 
officials. Only deposited it as an African artworks for export to his foreign 
partner abroad for the security of the money. 
During the war my late husband tried to escape to join us here in Abidjan, 
unfortunately he was attacked and killed by the rebels. 
My late husband was attacked and killed by the rebels because of his loyalty to 
the president. 
Now I’m with my son PRINCE GEORGE in asylum camp here in Abidjan suffering 
without any care or help, without any relation, we are now like refugees, our 
only hope now relies on the boxes deposited in the security company by my late 
To this effect, I humbly solicit your assistance in the following ways. 
(1)To assist us claim the boxes from the security company a 
co-beneficiary/foreign partner. 
(2)To transfer this money with your name to your destination account abroad. 
(3)Make a good arrangements on how to invest wisely  in abroad. 
(4)To secure a good college for my son PRINCE GEORGE to further his education. 
(5)To make arrangements for us to travel with you to your country after you 
have transferred the money. 

Please be inform that all the necessary documents issued to my late husband at 
the day of deposit are in our custody.
I and my son PRINCE GEORGE have decided to conceed 15% of the money to you.

Please feel free to get in touch with us through this e-mail:: 
sa_wills@katamail.com for any further explanation 

Thanks And God Bless 

Best Regards,


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