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Re: libparted gnu.c patch.

From: Harley D. Eades III
Subject: Re: libparted gnu.c patch.
Date: 22 Aug 2004 10:45:46 -0500
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Ognyan Kulev <ogi@fmi.uni-sofia.bg> writes:

> Reference Manual and store.h are incomplete about
> store_typed_open. Here is what is in libstore/typed.c, and what the
> code does:
> /* Open the store indicated by NAME, which should consist of a store
> type name followed by a ':' and any type-specific name, returning the
> new store in STORE.  If NAME doesn't contain a `:', then it will be
> interpreted as either a class name, if such a class occurs in CLASSES,
> or a filename, which is opened by calling store_open on NAME; a `:' at
> the end or the beginning of NAME unambiguously causes the remainder to
> be treated as a class-name or a filename, respectively.  CLASSES is
> used to select classes specified by the type name; if it is 0,
> STORE_STD_CLASSES is used.  */
I see, so store_typed_open would revert to store_open in it's self.
I understand and I will make a comment in the patch for parted. 
Thanks for the heads up.


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