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Client Referral

From: landes
Subject: Client Referral
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 16:55:48 -0500
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Dear Customer,
Be the very first listing in the top search engines immediately.
Our company will now place any business with a qualified website permanently 
at the top of the major search engines guaranteed never to move.  This 
promotion includes unlimited traffic and is not going to last long.  If you 
are interested in being guaranteed first position in the top search engines at 
a promotional fee, please contact us promptly to find out if you qualify via 
email at landes@speedy.com.pe. Please include the URL(s) you are interested in 
promoting.  This is not pay per click.
The following are examples on Yahoo!, MSN and Alta Vista:
Company:           Oahu Dive Center
URL:               http://oahudivecenter.com
keyword:           oahu scuba diving
Company:           California Moves.com
URL:               http://steph.cbsocal.com/
keyword:           find a home southern california
The Search Engine Promotional Consultants

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