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On Line Pre-Employment testing from 250 B only

From: Polygraph Center Thailand
Subject: On Line Pre-Employment testing from 250 B only
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 01:59:36 +0700

Another great service from


Polygraph Center (Thailand) Co., Ltd


On line Ethics test program


This program is best use for pre-employment testing in the convenience of your office

Just have applicants take the test for about 12 minutes and you get the results 5 minutes later

The ones that pass your test requirements you can send to a pre-employment polygraph test

This way you don't send all applicants and you save a lot of money

The program start at 250 Baht per a test depend on the quantity of test per a month

To try log in to our WEB SITE to the DEMO menu

And if you like it and think you can use it

Please call us





www.pct.co.th            www.thai-poly.com




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