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Please help

From: basmajam1999
Subject: Please help
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 01:58:11 +0100

The receipt of this mail might come as a surprise to you on your being chosen 
to assist us in this transaction.

I am Mr. Basma Mustapha Director of Works in my Ministry. I represent a group 
of seven top Officials in the Ministry of Works and Housing.These people are 
the members of the contract award Committee.
Their responsibility, is the sole award and selection of the Companies to 
execute the contracts.

As a result of this, we were able to inflate the contractual value of these 
contracts some of which have been finished and handed over to the concerned 
authorities and commissioned.

Since we have all put in some time in the service and some will be going on 
retirement, we have now deemed it proper to have this money moved to a foreign 
bank for safe keeping. This is were you come in.
we have done all the ground work needed to facilitate the safe and speedy 
transfer of the funds out of the country.

Should you accept this proposal to assist us, you will be entitled to 20% of 
the total money transfered through you while we keep 75% and the balance of 5% 
will be for expenses incurred on both sides.Have sent your full mailing 
address, tel and fax numbers and full name to commence release procedures in 
your favor.

We will want to be informed on taxation laws in your country as to make proper 
adjustments for it. Some of us might be interested in investment  in your 
country. Kindly sent info on business investments available.

This transaction is safe and cannot be traced as modalities have been put in 
place to withdraw all documentation bearing our names for destruction at the 
end of transaction to avoid future detection and prosecution. We will also 
advise on your keeping this very confidential to avoid leak.
Note that at the end of transaction, we will be with you to effect the 
withdrawal of the funds and collect our agreed share.
Basma Mustapha
NB:Please have your responce sent to my alternative mail address 
basmajam1998@o2.pl. This will very muchy be appreciated 

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