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New ICQ Xtraz!

From: pierre
Subject: New ICQ Xtraz!
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 16:20:53 +0000


New ICQ Xtraz Center

The ICQ Xtraz center is a dynamic interactive center that enables you to access cool new features from your ICQ client. Amuse yourself and others - play, greet, chat and make using ICQ an exciting experience! New features will be constantly added so don't forget to check out what's new once in a while. If you wish to be notified whenever a new feature is added, just click the text link at the bottom of the welcome page.

Have fun in the ICQ Xtraz Center!

- Send a greeting card to a friend
- Enjoy a game or invite a friend to play with you!
- Put your photo in the message window or choose a devil from the gallery

ICQ Super Message

The new and improved ICQ "super message" offers you the experience of all in one. You can put your photo in the message window and see how fun it is to "talk" to someone when looking at each others' pictures!

- Put your photo or choose a devil from the gallery
- Send a greeting card, a file or a URL
- Play a game with another user

ICQ Image Gallery

Pick an image to display in your "super message" window and on your tray notifications. Choose from a variety of images or put a photo of yourself. You can also display your image in all ICQ public directories and let everyone who seeks information about you see it.

- ICQ Image Gallery - Use any icon from the gallery.
- My Image - Put your own photo.

Tray Notifications

ICQ introduces a brand new cool feature. Whenever you receive a message, you will first get an alert as a tray notification presenting also the image of the sender. This will enable you to have a quick look at who is sending you the message and then decide whether to immediately respond or maybe it can wait. Clicking on the tray notification will open the message window.

Birthday Reminder

ICQ is set to alert you when someone on your contact list has a birthday. When the day comes, you will receive an alert as a flashing cake icon next to the user's name on your contact list. Click on it and the "super message" window will open displaying a special birthday background and offering you the option to send him/her a greeting card.

Multi User Chat

Use ICQ and invite your friends to join a multiple users chat with you. ICQ enables you to participate in several chat sessions at the same time. You can also access public chat rooms and make new friends.

ICQ Video

See and enjoy the faces of your buddies while chatting. Now you can invite friends and family to One-on-One video chat sessions with ICQ Video. Note: You must have Windows XP in order to run ICQ Video.

Cool New Look

The new ICQ look makes it easier to interact and friendlier to use! Add shortcuts for your favorite features to be there for you. You can also change your ICQ skin color, have a laugh with new emoticons & animated Devils and make using ICQ even more fun!

Screenshots and download: http://warezdownload.ws/icq.html
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