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Console repeater

From: Marco Gerards
Subject: Console repeater
Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2005 18:06:05 +0000
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A while ago I sent a patch for a keyboard and mouse repeater to this
mailing list.  These patches were reviewed by Marcus some months ago.

Here is a new patch that includes changes Marcus asked for and some
bug fixes.  The fixed bugs are:

- The VESA driver of XFree does not restore the state correctly.  The
  console client VGA driver does some weird things that no other OS
  does, I guess.  To fix this I have added an interface (state_save,
  state_restore) that can be implemented by any driver.

- A memory leak in pc_mouse.  Thanks Gianluca for reporting it to me!

Some important changes are:

- The console client arguments are changed a bit.  Now you can leave
  away a lot.  The way to start the console client change from:

console -d pc_kbd --repeat kbd -d pc_mouse --repeat mouse -d vga -c /dev/cons 


console -d pc_kbd --repeat -d pc_mouse --repeat -d vga -c /dev/vcs

  As you can see some arguments have defaults now.  Watch out with
  `-c', you can't use: -c /dev/cons /dev/vcs anymore.  If you want to
  do this use: --consnode=/dev/cons.

- The pc_mouse driver accepts a sensitivity setting now.  libcons has
  such setting too, which is global for all mouse drivers.

I really hope someone can test if this works with a serial mouse.
First of all you need to get the old mouse translator to work.  When
it works, try if the mouse repeater also works.  I think if the
translator works, the repeater works too, but I could not test this.

I assume all bugs have been fixed now.  Otherwise, please report any
bugs that are not fixed yet.

Marcus, it would be nice if you could review these patches someday.  I
can help you with that.

The patches can be downloaded from:


There is no changelog entry yet.  I am sending this just so that
people can test the patches for bugs and to inform Marcus.  If someone
wants to review the patches, I can send them to the mailing list as
well, but without changelog entry for now, sorry.


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