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Re: Hurd state

From: Bas Wijnen
Subject: Re: Hurd state
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2005 13:00:10 +0100
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Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
   What is the problem with the Hurd? Lack of proper direction? Lack
   of hackers? Lack of documentation? Lack of ...? What is the
   problem, really? We need to know it in order to fix it.

There is no problem, but the lack of imagination from those who wish
to hack I think. I never really considered it a problem to know what
to hack on in any free software project, you fix what is broken, and
you implement what is missing.

There are very few hackers on the project, and that is a problem. We can call it lack of their imagination, but it's our problem, not theirs, so blaming them isn't going to help. I think the main problem is PR: the website is outdated, and that's the first place people look. If they see there hasn't been a release for 6 years, they turn around and help with a project which isn't dead. Of course an other problem is that Linux is popular, so many people who want to hack on a kernel are going there. But there's not a lot we can do about that either. Perhaps we should emphasise more that the Hurd is a much cooler design, so it's nicer to hack on it.

Anyway, I think we have to make ourselves heard, and it doesn't really matter that much what we're saying. A release would probably be a very good start, although the website really should be updated before releasing.


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