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Re: Hurd state

From: Bas Wijnen
Subject: Re: Hurd state
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2005 13:44:42 +0100
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Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
   There are very few hackers on the project, and that is a problem.
   We can call it lack of their imagination, but it's our problem, not
   theirs, so blaming them isn't going to help.

I disagree, it is not our problem that people don't want to hack.

We want the software to be impoved, and we want it to be done fast. In particular, we want it faster than we can do it ourselves. So we need more people. If they don't want to help then that is our problem. If the reasons they don't help are actually misconceptions, then it would be wise of us to educate them.

   I think the main problem is PR: the website is outdated, and that's
   the first place people look.

Do you have something to add? To update? Anything? Anyone?

People have been screaming for updates on the web pages for a long
time now, but nobody has steped forward with something to add.  So
here is a public announcment:

If you have something that you think is worth to add to the What's new
page at http://hurd.gnu.org, send a news blurb to web-hurd@gnu.org!
If you have a idea or know that something is outdated, send a patch or
suggestion to web-hurd@gnu.org!

I always like your direct approach: If something is wrong, fix it immediately. I just checked the site, and it was better than I remembered. Still I have a few notes (and I don't have time to fix them myself right now, I've spent too much time writing these e-mails already, while I should be working).

What's new:
> 2 July 2003
>     The tarball for Debian GNU/Hurd that Marcus Brinkmann made over
>     the years has been discontinued in favour of Jeff Bailey's
>     crosshurd package. To install Debian GNU/Hurd from now on, this
>     package should be used. Another Debian system is required to be
>     installed on the same machine. The GNU/Hurd installation guide has
>     not been updated yet.

It should be updated.

In the installation guide, this is suggested for running X:

However, that will not work for suid programs, in particular xterm. So either xterm should be made non-suid, which prevents it from updating utmp, or you need to link all libraries to /lib. Last time I used the hurd I did the latter, but it would probably be preferrable to have a translator on /lib which just merges the contents of several directories. Whatever is preferred for solving this should be documented in the guide.


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