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Re: Hurd state

From: Bas Wijnen
Subject: Re: Hurd state
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2005 17:25:19 +0100
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Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
    > 2 July 2003
    >     The tarball for Debian GNU/Hurd that Marcus Brinkmann made over
    >     the years has been discontinued in favour of Jeff Bailey's
    >     crosshurd package. To install Debian GNU/Hurd from now on, this
    >     package should be used. Another Debian system is required to be
    >     installed on the same machine. The GNU/Hurd installation guide has
    >     not been updated yet.

   It should be updated.

No, it shouldn't.  This was news, and we shouldn't change history.

I meant the installation guide should be updated. However, since the tarball still exists, it shouldn't be updated the way I expected, but by changing alpha.gnu.org to ftp.gnuab.org. I guess it's still a good idea to mention crosshurd anyway.

   In the installation guide, this is suggested for running X:
    > export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/X11R6/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

   However, that will not work for suid programs, in particular xterm.
   So either xterm should be made non-suid, which prevents it from
   updating utmp, or you need to link all libraries to /lib.  Last
   time I used the hurd I did the latter, but it would probably be
   preferrable to have a translator on /lib which just merges the
   contents of several directories.  Whatever is preferred for solving
   this should be documented in the guide.

Thhis is more a problem for Debian then the Hurd.  GNU won't have
these problems since /X11R6/lib won't exist (it will probobly be
/packages/XFree86-9.9.9/lib, that is unioned into /lib).

The problem would be the same as long as the files are not in /lib. Unioning would be the preferred solution IMO, so Debian should probably do that as well. Or are there reasons not to do that?


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