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Re: A Hurd release

From: Daniel Godás
Subject: Re: A Hurd release
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2005 08:49:02 +0100


Im new here and some days ago i wanted to give my opinion on making a
release (maybe the point of view of someone from outside could be
useful) but i hit the reply button instead of reply all (oops).

Im reading some docs and im trying to learn how the HURD works so i
can help. Im a telecommunications engineering student so i think i
could help with networking, i can code in c and we studied operating
systems in the university so if theres something else i could do id be
happy to help.

Ok, after the presentation. I have taken a look at the archives and
the dev-hurd list archives are very outdated, why? why is this topic
beeing discussed in this list and not there? Anyway, i think making a
release would be good just to have a reason to post something on /.
and some other sites and get a bit of attention, so people like me
will see the project is not dead and might want to collaborate.

Besides, i havent found any useful docs about L4, what is it? a
substitute for arch? who is developing it? Now i have my exams but
from february ill have some free time to work on this and i have some
1) can you make a translator have dependencies? Its very common that
you need some facilites that are in another translator so i guess its
possible but how can i do it?
2) from inside a translator how can you obtain information about
running translators such as the name and the attached file?
3) id like to install the HURD without using debian, im a gentoo user
and im very happy with it. I have used debian in the past and didnt
like it at all so my plan was to make a new partition and download and
install the HURD from my gentoo system, then change the grub config.
Can it be done that way? I read the best way is to use debian but that
doc hasnt been updated for a long time.
4) could it be run inside a virtual machine (im thinking of vmware)?
Has anybody tried it?
5) how can i use sockets (or something similar) in the hurd? I havent
installed it yet but if you tell me what source files i should read
ill do it when i finish installing it.

Maybe this mail is a bit off topic in this thread (sorry for that) but
when i started typing i didnt know i had so much to write :)

Happy new year,

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