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Re: A Hurd release

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: A Hurd release
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2005 18:27:13 +0100

   But the stated reason that ams@kemisten.nu will not send in bug
   reports is that the maintainers insist on using this particular

I have a name you know.

   the Hurd effort requires that bug reports involve a particular

And that interface is bug-hurd@gnu.org.

   It may be that Szmidt is socially foolish in not discovering that
   the project does not do what he hears its people saying it does.

If you wish to continue any kind of discussion you might stop with the
name calling.  You are forcing me to use crap, this is a violation of
my freedom.  So please stop, and respect my right not to use horse
shit.  Since you care so deeply about this, you can forward my bug
reports to the bug tracker and register them there, or you can improve
the bug tracker on Savannah.

Your long rants sure as heck don't help anything, they are totally
void and without content.

Any further mails from you on this topic will be promptly ignore by
me, and I hope that the remaining members on this list do the same

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