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Screensaver support for the Hurd console

From: Marco Gerards
Subject: Screensaver support for the Hurd console
Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2005 20:16:23 +0000
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As some of you might remember, I sent in a patch for screensaver
support for the Hurd console.  I am resurrecting that patch now.

All work has mostly be done.  At the moment my biggest doubt is how to
configure the screensaver support when starting the console client.  I
have two ideas for that:

First of all, a screensaver can be registered by any plugin.  So the
`life' plugin registers the `life' screensaver, a screensaver that
shows conways game of life.  There is a blank plugin that registers
the screensaver blank, which just clears the screen.  The vga driver
will register 3 screensavers: vga_standby, vga_suspend and vga_off.
These correspond with the DPMS power levels.

To configure the screensaver I could use this:

console -d vga .... --dpms-standby=vga_standby --dpms-off=vga_off 
--dpms-standby-timeout=400 --dpms-off-timeout=800 --saver-events=INPUT,BELL 

In that case the console will start blanking after 400 seconds using
the vga_off screensaver and the display will turn off after
(400+800=)1200 seconds using vga_off.  It will stop when someone
presses a key or the bell is activated.

Another way to configure this would be:

console -d vga .... --screensaver="vga_standby=400,vga_off=800" 
--saver-events=INPUT,BELL /dev/vcs

Or even:

console -d vga .... --screensaver="vga_standby,vga_off" 
--saver-events=INPUT,BELL /dev/vcs

This means first start with the vga_standby screensaver after 400
seconds and with the vga_off screensaver 800 seconds after that.  As
you see on the second line, there are no values for seconds.  In that
case the defaults are assumed.  Something like 400 seconds for the
first screensaver.  When a screensaver other than the first uses the
default it means the double of the previous.

I think the second way to configure screensavers is the best.  What do
you think?  Any other idea how to configure this on the command line?
Any other ideas for how screensavers should work?


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