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Re: MiG, -isystem and something...

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: MiG, -isystem and something...
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 22:47:52 +0200

   'mig -imacros IMACROFILE -DFOO MIGFILE' needs to be transformed to
   '$cpp -imacros IMACROFILE -DFOO MIGFILE' and not to '$cpp -imacros
   -DFOO IMACROFILE MIGFILE' (as it would look like without '-imacros
   IMACROFILE' getting catched).  The same applies to '-isystem ...'.

Hmph, the GCC people should be shot on the spot for that kind of
idiotic crap.  They could have used -imacros=foo, like any other
program.  Now I'm mad...  All of this could have been simple handled

-*=*) cppflags="$cppflags $1 $2"; shift; shift;;

But no... Gotta be special.

   Conclusion (once again): parsing is ugly and error-prone.

No, the GCC people are trying to be special and break any kind of
logic out in this crazy world...

   If Hurd-L4 still needs MiG, it's command line interface should
   really be revamped.

What Hurd/L4 needs is totally irrelevant, we will still have the Hurd
for a long long time.


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