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Re: random translator

From: Rian Hunter
Subject: Re: random translator
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 14:36:18 -0400
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Like a lot of the GNU/Hurd user crowd I was faced with this same problem and also like a lot of the GNU/Hurd user crowd I just wrote my own. My translator setup is made for Debian and it has some sample boot scripts tha start up egd and compile my translator. There is a readme file in the archive, i don't really remember all the whosits and whatsits about how it works but the gist is that it is a HURD translator that is install in random and urandom and when given a read request it siphons the bytes from egd. It implements the same behavior as Linux and FreeBSD random and urandom devices.

You can find it at http://rian.thelaststop.net/mystuff/files/random-egd.tar.gz


Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
At Thu, 31 Mar 2005 09:18:33 -0800,
Stou Sandalski <stou.sandalski@gmail.com> wrote:

Considering that the security of most cryptographic systems rests on
the quality of the rng, a half-assed solution is definitely not what i
am after. ("Hey! you are the guy that wrote the rng for hurd, that let
those hax0rs totally brutalize the world")

The quality of my random translator should be pretty sound, given that
it uses GnuPG's random pool.  However, it may need to be extended a
bit to poll entropy from a kernel device.
So there should be a separate entropy translator? That would actually
eliminate the issue of how to use hardware entropy generators
(including that stuff that supposedly comes on some of the Intel

The only biggish thing that's missing is a random device in gnumach
which delivers entropy from the hardware (timing IRQ events, etc.
It's not perfect, but the best thing you can get from standard PC


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